Every program needs a plan. Every plan needs to be based on a solid framework of who the target is and a clear set of goals. We can help you segment the developer space, target the right ones and help you set the direction for the growth of your APIs, tools, devices, or networks, and how to measure the effectiveness of your activities along the way.

With over 50 million developers out there, a clear focus is crucial. Long tail, Android, Enterprise, European, 3D Game, Students - these are just a handful of your choices. You need to understand how these developers make decisions and where you can find them. We can help you slice and dice the market and craft an outreach strategy to build a community that will help you focus your efforts on the right developers for your program.

Is your developer program doing a good job? How do you know? And how can you prove it to your management team? We have many ways to help you identify your key goals and metrics, then slice and dice the data you need to build a compelling and credible ROI case. We also engage directly with developers to ask them for their sentiment and input on your program and products.

Product Definition
Through developer surveys, strategic research projects and developer interviews and focus groups, we can help you define your product strategy, and make build or buy decisions. WIP's experience in this area has helped guide entry into new markets, acquisition strategies and the launches of new developer tools. Our services make sure you aren't shooting in the dark, and building something developers will want to use.

We can support your strategic activities in a number of ways:

  • Two-day on-site workshop for your team
  • Customer reports and research
  • Messaging creation or refinement
  • Developer surveys and focus groups
  • Metric definition and measurement
  • Strategic consulting and research projects