Every program needs a plan. Every plan needs to be based on a solid framework of who the targets are and also have a clear set of goals. We can help you segment the developer space, target the right ones, help set the direction for the growth of your APIs, tools, devices, or networks, and help measure the effectiveness of your activities along the way.

Program Review
Developer programs face more competition than ever for attention and mindshare, and staying relevant in an ever-changing ecosystem can be challenging. WIP's strategic analysis of your program will help you refocus your team and your resources, and make sure you're giving today's developers what they want and need. We will assess your program strategy, review your messaging and tactics, and audit your website and onboarding processes, then work with your team to put best practices and our recommendations in place.

Go-To-Market Strategy
"Build it and they will come," "Pay and spray," "The Shotgun Approach" -- you're welcome to try these common approaches to entering the developer market with a new tool or program, but you won't get very far! Our go-to-market services will review your competitors, evaluate your product, provide developer segmentation, and make positioning and messaging recommendations to maximize your success. We'll help you build a marketing strategy, using the most effective channels and techniques to reach your targets. 

Developer Marketing Workshops
WIP has developed a 1-2 day workshop of modular courses made up of market research and insight, strategic sessions to help guide your program and tactical sessions to help you plan your outreach activities. The format is action-oriented and designed to have your team walk out with not just more knowledge, but a strategic plan with which to move forward. The format is fast-paced and highly interactive, ensuring that the lessons are retained and applied in a meaningful way, utilizing discussion, role play, brainstorming and exercises in addition to presentations.

"We don't even know who's in our community" is something we hear a lot from struggling developer programs. How well do you know your developers? How well do they know you? We will build a survey to tease out deep insight into your community and help you better understand who's in it, what they're working on, and what they need. We can also survey the wider mobile developer community to generate material for reports and white papers, to help make product and service decisions, or to judge the effectiveness of your marketing. 

Custom Market Research
Through strategic research projects, developer interviews and focus groups, we can help you define your product strategy, and make build or buy decisions. WIP's experience in this area has helped guide entries into new markets, shape acquisition strategies and plan the launches of new developer tools. Our services make sure you aren't shooting in the dark, and building something developers will want to use. Our research is informative, insightful and actionable, and our process works with your team to deliver exactly what you need.

With over 50 million developers out there, a clear focus is crucial. Long tail, Android, Enterprise, European, 3D Game, Students - these are just a handful of your choices. You need to understand how these developers make decisions and where you can find them. We can help you slice and dice the market and craft an outreach strategy to build a community that will help you focus your efforts on the right developers for your program.

Previous clients and projects in this area include:

WIP helped Qualcomm revitalize its mobile developer community and increase its visibility among developers by providing developer marketing workshops, strategic consulting services and developer surveys. 

Yandex is Russia's leading web services provider, and sought to raise its profile among Android developers in other parts of the world. WIP provided it with a range of services, from a workshop for its team to event content, scouting and introductions in the US, Europe and Asia.

WIP's custom strategic research helped shape Intel Software's approach to a new developer market and build a roadmap for future services.


When the innovation team of Canadian operator SaskTel built a new tool for Android developers, WIP provided custom market research and a go-to-market strategy to support its launch.