From 1-on-1 introductions to social media, different types of outreach bring different results.  Knowing your options and what will best meet your objectives are important. We can design, create and deliver your outreach to achieve your objectives.  

WIP's database of tens of thousands of mobile developers, sourced from our activities and contacts around the world, offers an ideal audience to promote your products, services and campaigns. We enjoy above-industry-average open and clickthrough rates, and have the ability to geotarget our list that reaches into more than 50 countries.

Group Outreach
You have to take your message to where the developers are, and increasingly that means working with local meetups and developer groups around the world. Our relationships with leaders of key groups in the best areas worldwide gives us the chance to get your campaigns out through these important and effective channels.

One-on-One Outreach
Sometimes, finding a handful of the exact right developers is better than reaching out to thousands in general. Our personal networks, database and research skills help us find the perfect developer to attend your event, try your product or partner with your program. 

Social Media
In addition to our email database, we have thousands of active followers across our social media accounts, and know how to build campaigns and messages that get them to act. We'll put this to use for your program to activate an online army of developers.

Previous clients and projects in this area include:


Using a combination of e-blasts, social media and group outreach, supplanted with one-on-one outreach, WIP outreach helped generate thousands of entries for several Nokia app contests.


Using geo-targeted e-blasts, WIP generated attendees for a series of Microsoft developer events held in 20+ locations around the world.

WIP e-blasts to developer communities around the world have helped PayPal sell out its BattleHack series of hackathons in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.