Events and hackathons remain a crucial piece of the developer marketing toolkit, but they're a dime a dozen. 
When you're ready, we'll help you choose the right activity to attract the best developers and host a successful event. We will help you plan and organize the event, then execute it professionally. We're known for our creativity, innovation, professionalism and always understanding how to meet the expectations of the developers and your goals at the same time.


All hackathons aren't created equal. We prefer to do smaller, targeted, invite-only hackathons (35-75 people) for product launches, key verticals and developer feedback sessions as they tend to get the best results. 

Virtual Activities
Great developers live all over the world, so you can't reach them all with events.  We build and run contests and webinars (including video webinars with Google Hangouts) to extend your reach and lengthen your campaigns.

Event Content
Workshops, code camps, product launches, campaigns, meetups, and interactive spaces and activities. We'll organize them, or mentor your team with program development, speaker selection, and messaging and writeups. We are awesome MCs too!  


Let us wear YOUR t-shirt and maximize the events you attend! We're experienced and enthusiastic booth staff, we'll give a presentation on your behalf, get us to support your onsite scouting, and we can organize invite-only dinners and meetings for you too.  






Upcoming speaking engagements and Developer Events we are organizing:

Upcoming events with Sponsor Opportunities include:

We participated in these recent client events:

Previous clients and projects in this area include:

 Case study example - possible  ATT, Nokia (contest), Sprint, autotech coming up, Sears, 

WIP has organized multiple hackathons around Sony wearables, scouting developers with compatible applications and supporting them in bringing them to the wearable platform.

WIP has supported multiple hackathons for Sears, helping to ensure the events not only ran smoothly, but met the company's goals and objectives. In particular, WIP helped introduce the retailer to a new, techie crowd of developers.

Following a new wearable launch, WIP organized a series of 10 meetups and technical workshops in North America and Europe for Samsung, delivering sellout audiences and app challenge entries.

WIP helped Immersion to maximize its limited staffing resources by representing it at developer events worldwide, supporting its booths at trade shows and setting up meetings with key targets.